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Tugas Bahasa Inggris Business Letter

1. The Definition Of Business Letter

A business letter is usually a letter from one company to another, or between such organizations and their customers, clients and other external parties. The overall style of letter depends on the relationship between the parties concerned. Business letters can have many types of contents, for example to request direct information or action from another party, to order supplies from a supplier, to point out a mistake by the letter's recipient, to reply directly to a request, to apologize for a wrong, or to convey goodwill. A business letter is sometimes useful because it produces a permanent written record, and may be taken more seriously by the recipient than other forms of communication.

2. The Parts And Types Of Business Letters

The Parts Of The Letter:

1.   Letterhead (Kop Surat)
An identity that contains the logo, name, address and phone of the sender of the letter.

2. Reference Line
In a letter in English the first letter usually contains the name of the executive who signed the letter, followed by a slash or a colon, then the name of the letter typist. Some companies add a code or a specific number based on their file system. Reference letters placed at the top of the above date.

3. Dateline (Tanggal)
It is part of a letter dated. While writing the date format is month / day / year, for example August 30, 2012.

4. Inside Address
This section contains the names of receipt of the letter, office, and company name along with address. If you are not sure to whom (name) of the letter addressed, do not blank, but try to use his position as "Director of Human Resources". Leave a gap between the date of the recipient.

5. Attention Line
An Alternative to put recipients.

6. Solutition (Salam Pembuka)
In this section, the term used is "Dear Mr / Mrs / Ms. (last name reception) ", eg" Dear Mr. Fathoni ".

7. Subject Line (Perihal)
Subject make recipients more easily find the intent of the letter, Invitation for example, Apology, and so forth.

8. Body Of Letter (Isi Surat)
The letter is the place where you write down the things you want delivered.

9. Complimentary Close (Salam Penutup)
This section as a marker that your letter has been completed, usually ending with the writing "Sincerely," "Sincerely yours", "Thank you", and so forth.

10. Signature (Tanda Tangan)
Part of this is my signature, usually using black or blue ink.

11. Enclosure (Lampiran)
If a letter containing the document or attachment other than the letter, the author of emotion menampilakan the number of attachments is by using the "Enclosure (Jumah attachment)", eg "Enclosure (6)".

12. Natation Carbon Copy (Tembusan Surat).
This section is used to inform the recipient of a letter, that such letter was also sent to parties who need to know the contents of the letter.

Type Of Mail:

1. Letter of Recommendation
Letters of recommendation are used to recommend someone for the job who recommended acceptable. Avoid the temptation to overestimate one's ability to write a letter of this kind, honest and objective is the key.

2. The letter stopped working
Official letter of resignation must be wise. Avoid to write stuff that will ruin your good relationship with the recipients. Give a good reason why you can no longer work in place now.

3. Notice of Error
In writing a business letter informing readers that a mistake has been corrected in the document, we should send a copy of the document is wrong. If necessary to offer any additional copies of these documents to be sent.

3. Example Of Business Letter

3519 Front Street
Mount Celebres, CA 65286

October 5, 2004

Ms. Betty Johnson
Accounts Payable
The Cooking Store
765 Berliner Plaza
Industrial Point, CA 68534

Dear Ms. Johnson:
It has come to my attention that your company, The Cooking Store has been late with paying their invoices for the past three months.
In order to encourage our customers to pay for their invoices before the due date, we have implemented a discount model where we'll give you 2% off your invoice if you pay us within 10 days of receiving the invoice.
I hope that everything is going well for you and your company. You are one of our biggest customers, and we appreciate your business. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at (555) 555-5555.


Bob Powers

Accounts Receivable

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